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"Roxi" - Sunflowers's Kick A Little - born August 18,1996
barium x-rayed normal esophagus. 
"Roxi" is spayed and living on the east coast, 
she was never bred as one hip was badly dysplastic, 
one hip & her elbows were good.

Sire - GV.Ch. Mar Haven's Color Guard OFA H/E

Dam - Ch. Sunflower's Special Delivery "Stamp" OFA H/E

"Sable" - Sunflowers's Lady of the North - born January 3, 1998
Prelimed OFA good H/E, barium x-rayed normal esophagus. 
"Sable" was born with one ear attached lower on her head, therefore
ending a show career before it started. Her other nine littermates had
good earsets.
"Sable" we are sure was a singer in a former life, as she truely enjoyed
listening to her own vioce, cannot say my neighbours did ..... smile
It became very clear that "Sable" and city living did not agree.
After one litter, with several show quality daughters, "Sable" was
placed in a home in the country where she can be heard "talking" to
her hearts' desire.

Sire - Sunflower's Arabian Knight "Turk" OFA H/E

Dam - Ch. Sunflower's Pickofthegirls "Zoey" OFA H/E TC

Sunflower's Special Delivery OFA H/E - May 17, 1994
barium x-rayed normal esophagus
"Stamp" was a real character, a pain in the "butt" occ, 
a difficult showdog - she loved to preform in the ring - 
walking on her hind feet, laying down for a belly rub in the line up,
she preferred moving to stacking.
She finished her Championship and had many group placements.
"Stamp" was a great mother. very devoted to her puppies, 
every breeders' dream - but after two litters we made the heart 
breaking decision to spay her, she produced several mega esophagus
puppies in each litter, two different sires.
"Stamp" is now a loved family pet in North Vancouver, BC
"Stamp" is pictured below with her littersister -
Group winning Ch. Sunflower's Kissin Kris OFA H/E TC CD
With great sadness we learned that in Nov/03 "Stamp" died after having
surgery to remove her cancerous spleen 
Sire - Ch Cherpa's Cincinati v Woodside ROMC OFA 
Dam - Roll of the Dice of Sunflower "Gamble" TC 

We have barked Hello times.

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Lonna Fisher