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Pictured above is "Twin" and "Spike" - born January 30, 1982
"Twin" CH. Sunflower's That's Just Twin OFA H/E was our first "showdog"
of our breeding. She finished her championship quickly with several
group placements.
"Twin" was just that, a twin at birth, two puppies in one sack, 
she weighed in at 7oz and had no trouble nursing, she just tucked herself
under her moms' armpit and was kept warm and fed at the same time.
Her male twin, weighing 8oz and born with a severe tail deformity died
two days after birth despite all efforts to safe him.
"Twin" never came in season and at 3 years of age was placed with 
the "love of her life", a man that to this day still sheds a tear 
remembering his "Twinner".
"Twin" was killed in a logging accident at almost 8 years of age.

"Spike" Sunflower's Hunter of Fireweed CD was a GSD that everyone loved,
he was given to the guy in the picture with him, who has bred, 
shown and loved the breed since, his name is "Doc" Coulas, 
Fireweed Kennels, Terrace, BC

Sire - Lady Erin's Cu Cuchlan

Dam - Ch. Semiahmoo's Athena Tee "Athena" OFA H/E CD

Pictured from left to right is Sunflower's Flash Dancer "Dancer" 
with her longcoated littersister Sunflower's Sven Forty Seven "Jet" 
born - November 29, 1984 
"Dancer" was severely dysplastic and was put to sleep.
"Jet" had good hips/elbows and is in the pedigree of our 
current showdogs. 
These two sisters are the result of a brother/sister breeding.
Sire - Sunflower's Johnny Yuma "Rebel"
Dam - Sunflower's Flash of White "Flash"
Next is Ch. Sunflower's Krystal Chandelier CD OFA "Krystal" 
Born November 9, 1984
Sire - Duke of Mazeru
Dam - Ch. Semiahmoo's Athena Tee CD ROMC OFA H/E "Athena"
Beside Krystal is her dam "Athena" at almost 6 years of age.
Athena's parents were -
Sire - Am Ch. Bel Vista's Joey Baby ROM ROMC
Dam - Ch. Semiahmoo's Olympic Lady
This picture was taken in the mountains surrounding Terrace, BC
in the Spring of 1985.

We have barked Hello times.

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Lonna Fisher