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General Information!

Our black boy "Codie" (pictured above) has been bred to the beautiful "Kenna" (pictured below).
On Friday May 17/2013 after a emergency C-section caused by a very dead puppy our much planned litter is here. 1 Dark Red Sable Female 1 Dark Red Sable Male 1 Black & Tan Male 4 Black & Tan Females This litter is co-bred between ourselves - Sunflower Kennels and my cousin Debbie Stainton - Chilco Kennels Our babies are growing up, pictured below are 5 of the "furkins" at 4 months of age. Pictured below is "Bug" and her littermate "Sealie"
Below is our Black and Tan Longcoat Male - Chilco's The Fuzz v Sunflower "Sealie"
And below is our Special Black and Tan Female - Chilco's Lady Bug v Sunflower "Bug"
Below is our Red Sable Male - Chilco's legend of Sunflower "Link"
Below is our Black and Tan Female - Sunflower's PriorityPost v Chilco "Stamp"
Pictured below are two pictures of - Sunflower's The Best of Chilco "Tina", a Red Sable Female she is For Sale ....... she has been sold to Colin Rumsey and Kacey Rumsey of Alberta ..... hope she brings you lots of joy.
Click on "Pedigree" to view it. Pups will come with CKC registration papers, pedigree, shots, worming and microchip etc. Please visit "Kenna's" and "Codie"s" pages for more information on them. Here is some information on the German Shepherd breed and my dogs, hopefully this will give you some indication as to the temperment and personality I strife to produce. Shepherds make excellent family pets and are very loyal, that is IF they are raised properly. My dogs are raised in my home, I have had kids fall on them, pull tails occ., etc,, ........... no I don't have kids ............... but my friends do and so do 90% of the homes I sell my pups to. My dogs have collected money for the SPCA in BC and wore tin cans that kids put coins into, never a problem. Dogs I have sold have been trained to herd livestock, for show/obedience competition, search and rescue and one was trained as a bird hunting dog ............ but most of them have been sold as a family pet. My old boy Joker, even at 12 years of age would not pass a stroller on the sidewalk without checking out the baby if allowed to do so, he loved babies. On the down side ............ Shepherds need and require attention from their owners, being tied to a doghouse or left outside in the back yard 24/7 is not a good idea, they need to be part of a family and that includes being in the house with you at least for a part of each day. German Shepherds shed quite a bit, so if dog hair on your clothes or in your house is a problem, than I would recommend a dog that doesn't have a double coat, that simply means that this breed, the German Shepherd has a outer coat as well as a thick undercoat. Shepherds need to be trained, they do best when they can please their family, even if it is just "good house manner" training. My arthritis has slowed down my breeding program, so I only have the occ. litter now and then, we might be down in numbers but we are not out ............. grin Most of my dogs are sold as house pets, we also sell to show/working homes. I sell all my dogs on a written health guarantee. My puppies are 7 weeks old and are checked by a vet, tattooed and wormed before leaving here. They come with a pedigree (family tree) and CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registration papers at no extra charge.

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We have barked Hello times.

Lonna Fisher