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A little about myself!

Above is a picture taken of me on my 46th birthday. 
I was born on November 24, 1952 in Vancouver, BC, or so I am told, 
as I have no memory of that day .......... smile
So as not to bore you I will skip over almost all of my BSD days,
(before show dogs)............ grin!
My start in showdogs began after a life changing experience, when I was 
introduced very suddenly, I must admit, to my life long companion, 
known as RA (rheumatoid arthritis) or as I call it on my bad days - 
a pain in the butt!
In October/72 I walked into the Vancouver General Hospital, un-assisted, 
very ill with what we all thought was a bad case of the flu, 
three weeks later I walked or hobbled out on two canes and a week later 
was the owner of a brand new four wheeled vehicle, known as my wheelchair 
along with my constant companion RA.
The great thing is that my family, who was against any type of another dog, 
as I already had a dog - a collie cross called Tina, several budgies, 
many cats and a assortment of lizards, agreed to my purchase of a showdog.
My first showdog was a Shetland Sheepdog Kingsgate's Katrina of Hi-Hope CD, 
a tri coloured female bought on November 24/72, she taught me a lot, 
it was shortly after her passing, she had a bone cycst in her front leg, 
followed by knee surgery twice, which did not heal properly, it was my vets' 
advice to put her to sleep at 4 years of age.
It was than I got a very scared Shepherd that was advertised in a 
local paper. 
While at a sanction match I met Anja Heibloem, who a few days later showed up 
with a beautiful female GSD puppy, which began my love affair with the breed.
My start in the breed did not go smoothly, that first pup was dysplastic, 
I than purchased my foundation bitch Athena, my first litter bred from a 
OFA "Excellent" sire to a OFA "Good" dam, both of which had full mouths 
and correct bites, produced a litter of 7 beautiful pups, all of which had 
missing teeth and were severely dyplastic.
That was 20 years ago, through all the years, the tears, heartbreeak, 
joy and laughter, the GSD has always been with me. I have produced several 
Champions under my kennel name Sunflower.
Raising dogs has shown me that no matter who's bloodline you use, if you 
stay in the "game" long enough, there will always be some problems to be 
overcome in your breeding program, but along with the problems come the 
good things which give you the desire to continue, which we do.
I moved from Vancouver to Terrace B.C. in August of 1981, than in 
July of 1999 I moved to Edmonton, Alberta where I bought the house 
pictured below.
Being in the city, has cut down the numbers of dogs that I can have, 
the RA has worsened with age, I find I depend on my "four wheels" more, 
I may be down in numbers but I am not out ......... smile
I now have a man in my life and am finding this relationship a whole 
new experience, one that most days I find very enjoyable ......... 
yes most days ........ after all neither of us is perfect ........... grin!

January/2003 finds me with 2 GSD, one promising "showgirl" Raven, who is 
7 generations of my breeding, along with my "old boy" Joker.
My arthritis was re-dianosed,(sp) and now they tell me I have more 
than one type, the more the merrier right! ................ smile
I have hopes of showing Raven after her upcoming litter
and plans to carry on my bloodline by keeping a puppy from 
Raven's 1st litter due March 1/2003.

January/2004, we start this year with sadness as well as hope. On December 12/03 
I had to make the painful decision to put my old boy "Joker" to sleep.
We have Raven and our continuing hope in Raven's daughter "Katrina" who 
is 10 months old.
Both Raven & Katrina are great, great grandchildren of Joker, the beat goes on ..... grin!
John and I are doing well, my health has a new problem in type 2 Diabetes, 
we still are enjoying life and look forward to this new year ................. smile 
We have plans to breed Raven on her next season and Katrina will be shown this spring/summer.  

"Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!!!" 

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We have barked Hello times.

Lonna Fisher