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"Joker" is a large substantial red sable male. He finished his Canadian Championship before the age of two, with very limited showing. He is clean coming and going with a far reaching front, has a strong topline, and strong erect ears. He has sired several litters reproducing these traits in a consistant manner.

Ch.Sunflower's The Joker TC, OFA
Breeder/owner: Lonna Fisher, Sunflower Kennels Reg'd
Born: 04/12/91

                        Ch.Rohan's Reaction ROM
              Hausmekon's No Surrender
                        Hausmekon's Covy Tuckerhill TR HC TC
        Hausmekon's The Riddler
                        Scheinuck's Anker v Bismark CD HC TC
              Hausmekon's LA von Scheinuck HC TC STDc
                        Hausmekon's Covy Tuckerhill NY HC TC STDc
Can.Ch.Sunflower's The Joker TC
                        Sel.Am.Ch.Covy's Mazarati of Tucker Hill ROM ROMC                 
              Ch.Hausmekon Covy Tuckerhill MD TC 
                        Hausmekon Smithfield Ronda HC TC
        Fireweed's Bridal Veil
                        Elagant Eagle CDX
              Hillside's Jolyn of Fireweed
                        Hillside's v Weiden Easy Love

Joker's pedigree traces four lines to Ch. Covy's Mazarati of Tucker Hill ROM , two lines to Ch. Caralon's Hein vd Lockenheim CD ROM, and a line to Am.Can.Ch.Stuttgarts Sundance Kid ROM.

"Joker" is OFA certified good hips and elbows. He also received his Temperment Certification at the Canadian National in 1992. The head study below was taken Feb 26/00 at almost 9 years of age.

Joker has been retired as a stud and now is enjoying his senior years as a couch potatoe. Yesterday, December 12/03, our old boy "Joker" Ch. Sunflower's The Joker TC OFA good H/E was sent to the rainbow bridge, he would have been 13 years old in April. Over a year ago his rear legs started giving out, it progressed steadily, and several weeks ago it got to where he had to struggle to get up/walk and was having the odd accident in the house, (this he had never done since a puppy), I know I should have let him go than, but I couldn't make myself do it .............. the last few days were bad and I knew as much as I did not want to, it was time to let him go. I miss him and always will, he was mine since the day he was born into my hands. April 12/91 - December 12/03 "Rest well old boy"

Lonna Fisher
Edmonton, Alberta

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