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"Socks" pictured sleeping above was the first cat we added
she was adopted through an agency by our cousins. 
Socks was a senior, spayed female that had seen many homes 
due to her demanding personality and loud voice.
But she had found her forever home with us, Raven took to her
right away.
In January of 2011 at 14 years of age Socks had a major stroke
but our girl is still with us, a bit slower, a little unsteady
on her feet but with the same personality and voice ... smile
Socks will be 15 years old on April 1st, 2012
Pictured below is Socks a few days before her stroke.
Sadly, on March 1, 2013 "Socks" had reached a point where
letting her go on was cruel, so "Socks" was taken on her final
ride to the vet. "Socks" now is with her best buddy "Raven"
at the "rainbow bridge".

"Gizmo" (pictured above) and his sister Bonnie were part of a 
litter of 5 kittens that was brought to me as their mother 
was not feeding them properly. 
All of them were skinny and in need of a bath.
Raven took them on as hers, nursing and cleaning them.
Three found new homes but we kept two.
"Gizmo" is our "dumpster diver" he loves getting into
garbage containers, he also will steal things, especially
out of the purses of visitors, getting many laughs along the
Gizmo is neutered and is now several years old, he still 
will nurse on Raven if she allows it (see Raven's page).
Pictured below is Gizmo enjoying his morning yogurt.

"Bonnie" (pictured above)is a littermate to Gizmo.
She is what we call our "movie star" she likes her
picture taken. Bonnie also cannot resist clean clothes
and loves to roll in them. She also will roll around 
until vistors give her some attention.
"Bonnie" is spayed and is now boss taking over since
Socks is no longer able to be Queen.
She keeps Cali in check and still loves her "fostermom"
Bonnie is pictured below in January 2011. 

"Garfield" (pictured above) is our latest addition, Hubby John 
wanted a orange male ... his own Garfield ... so a friend had an
orange male he was parting with. Garfield arrived with a bad ear
infection, full of ear mites and very skinny.
After a vet visit and several days of crate time to keep him away 
from the other cats Garfield joined our group.
He is not a good hunter, you could say clumsy but he sure has 
become a true "Garfield" in size, the first one to the food dish,
He is making up for his skinny begining!
Garfirld enjoys lots of petting, and uses his paw to let you know
if you stop too soon.
"Garfield" does tend to pick on Bonnie so the dreaded spray bottle
is brought out and he quickly leaves Bonnie alone ... smile
Garfield has also been neutered.
Pictured below is John and his cat!

We have barked Hello times.

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Lonna Fisher