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NEW Champion!!!

Click HERE to view Stamp's Pedigree

Also see her sire Codie's page and dam Kenna's page.


Puppies have ARRIVED!!! Born December 2, 2016. Stamp and Zevon
(Atessa's Lawyers, Guns and Money of Aramist, click here to view his pedigree)
are pleased to welcome 4 boys and 4 girls to the Sunflower/Chilco family.

Zevon (Pictured above) is a full brother to Am.Can.Ch.Atessa's Old Time Rock N Roll of Aramist (pictured below)

Stamp is the wild child of our 2013 litter. A litter mate to Seelie and Bug, She is co-bred/co-owned with Debbie Stainton - Chilco Kennels and co-owned with hubby John Swartz. She is her own character and never has a sulky or bad mood, she is perpetually happy and smiling. This girl has a mind like a steel trap and is always one step ahead of everyone else. This often gets her into trouble and makes training her not only interesting and challenging, but a lesson in patience. We would like to send out a special thank you to Gail for all her work and training she put into Stamp in 2014, the results were amazing!

In 2014, Stamp placed in class her at first show, when shown as a Sr.Puppy. And was 3rd place Futurity Female. This was all owner handled by John Swartz, his first times in the ring! We are very proud of this team, and look forward to seeing what they can do with more training for both of them, as they grow together.

In 2015, shown only 2 weekends, her first set of shows were at NACA. Here she joined forces with a new handler Mandy Katherine and placed 3rd in her Maturity, was first in her class at the NLPRGSDC Specialty, and was Winners Bitch in the all breed show on Sunday for her first points! She followed that up by being shown at EKC (with two handlers Mandy Katherine and Laurie Creelman-Mclean) were she picked up Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex in 3 out of the 4 shows. This put Stamp half way to her Championship.


In 2016, Stamp took some time off the beginning of this year for motherhood. This litter gave us some surprises, as she had a son born with no knee cap (due to crowding in the womb, his joints did not form properly). Tony is just the sweetest pup and a joy to share the house with, look for his picture to come soon. Her first show this year was EKC were, naked as a jaybird, she was RWB on Sunday. Her 2nd and final show of the year was BRCA were she was WB/BOW all weekend to finish her Championship! Stamp was expertly handled this year by Tammy Sawatzky.

Tammy Sawatzky again worked her magic with Stamp and her niece Bella on Sunday at BRCA, were (with only half an hour practice the night before) she gaited the two of them to Best Brace in Breed, Best Brace in Group........and on to BEST BRACE IN SHOW!!!!!

A couple of candid shots of our brace in the ring.

Stamp is looking ahead to another trip to the whelp box and motherhood. Also continuing to train in obedience to help keep her active mind on the right track. She is a girl with a stubborn mind and a strong personalty, that will think of things to do if not kept busy. Obedience and rally will help feed her active mind. And future agility will feed her active body. Watch for Stamp to proudly show off her kids in the future and to step into the obedience ring.

Stamp pictured with some of her ribbons from EKC.

Stamp at 27 months old.

Below is a picture of Stamp and owner/handler John Swartz, their first time in the ring.

Below are some stacked photos of Stamp through her first year (Stamp was born May 17, 2013)

Below is a gaiting shot of Stamp, while out on a weekend run.

Stamp says see ya later and we will see you in the ring in 2015!.

Lonna Fisher
Edmonton, Alberta

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