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Part Two!

Well here it is 2009, wow the years seem to fly by, we have had 
lots of downs in the last several years but there have also been 
the highs, of course most of it has just been “life”.

Health wise I had the pleasure, (actually a royal pain in the ass) 
of having two chest tubes in my right side to fix a large cyst under 
my lung, one tube remained in for over 5 months, this made for some 
interesting moments trying to do things, hubby John also learnt 
how to change my bandages. All has healed well now.

In addition to my arthritis & diabetes as I mentioned in part one, I 
finally got a correct diagnoses for a skin disease that I have had 
since the age of 15 which has been mis-diagnosed for over 40 years, 
the correct name of it is Hydradenitis Suppurativa(HS) a incurable 
painful and rather rare condition but more and more are showing 
up on our email list.
Okay enough health issues ....................... smile

We have also moved to another house, only a couple of blocks
from our previous home, this one though small has a bigger
back yard. 
The picture below was taken of the house before the back 
yard was fenced.

We are the "little doll house" between the giants ........ smile

In the last several years our only dog has been our German Shepherd “Raven”,along with the cats, “Socks” was first, followed by “Gizmo” & “Bonnie”, than John wanted an orange tabby so “Garfield” joined the crew in April of 2008. One dream still held steady and that was to start raising and showing German Shepherds again, I will admit it would be on a very small scale but I still wanted to compete again. In August of this year two new pups joined us from California, “Tukker” and “Cali” (see their pages), plans are to show and breed one or both back to “Connor” (a Raven son owned by Debbie) thereby continuing my Sunflower line. In the time since they arrived I or should I say we have re-learnt just how much fun puppies can be as well as just how much trouble two of them can find to get into, it has been a period of adjustment for the cats and Raven too, but we are all slowly adjusting ............... ........... smile There are days when I believe I have bitten off more than I "can chew" as the mind is willing but this older arthritic body .......... well there are days it says "what was I thinking" ideally it would make things easier to place one of the pups on a co-ownership, but I just cannot decide which one, I like them both so what can I do? Would I recommend getting a 6 month old and a 4 month old at the same time again ........... well okay my answer would have to be "no" unless you are in better physical shape ........... smile Long term plans are to have a pup of my breeding to show at the Canadian National German Shepherd Specialty show, down in Vancouver, BC in the fall of 2010 ............. an Impossible Dream ? .............. well we will see what life has to say about it .............. smile Here is a picture of John and I taken in 2008.
Remember - “Life is uncertain ....... eat dessert first”

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We have barked Hello times.

Lonna Fisher